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[IP] Dual Wave Bolus Issues

> For example, if you eat a couple of pieces of pizza, you could program your
> pump to give you part of your bolus now to handle the initial carb intake and
> spread the remainder out over, say, a 4-hour period to handle the slower carb
> absorption rate caused by the fat.
> Jan and Elvis

Been pumping 2 months now with little experience in the dual wave bolus (dwb). Not entirely sure how to break up the entire bolus or over what period to set the "square".

 For instance, the 2 slices of pizza you refer to, what % of the total dwb would you allocate to 1.) the "bolus" and 2.) the "square wave" - 50/50?  I understand that timing is
probably a ymmv issue, but over what period does one normally set the "square" portion for a high fat meal - 3-4 hours, 2 hours? the higher the fat, the longer the "square wave"? Are
there any written resources on this?Thanks for your insight on this fine-tuning issue.

Susan R.

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