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[IP] Disetronic Cartridges

My H-Tron Plus has been going through batteries at a very increased rate
lately. I believe it is because I got a box of glass cartridges that were
defective. I called Disetronic and they sent my a free box of replacements.
The cartridges in question had a light blue rubber "stopper" in them whereas
all my previous ones had been black. They were extrememly difficult to fill
because a lot of strength was required to move the rubber stopper back and
forth. I believe this batch had not been lubricated. I am shipping them back
to Disetronic so they can see what is wrong. Have any other Disetronic users
gotten cartridges that were very hard to use? I believe this is why my pump
has been eating batteries. It is having to put out a lot more power to move
the piston in the cartridge.


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