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RE: [IP] Any words of wisdom?

> I'm not sure that these are words of wisdom but... most of
> the time on the
> List, you only see messages from people who are having difficulties or
> problems.  The people that everything is going fine for
> usually don't post
> and say, "hey everything is great!"

This is absolutely correct so I thought I would post some positive comments
about pumping. Prior to pumping I was on MDI, 5 to 7 injections per day. My
sugar customarily swung from 30 to 300 and back even though my A1Cs were
great at usually around 6.2. I lost my ability to sense lows and found
myself driving on two occasions with a blood sugar level of 40. I started
pumping in November 1999. My sugar now seldom falls below 70 and seldom
rises to 200 anymore either! I feel much better and the best thing is that I
now get a few symptoms if my sugar goes below 80 and I can check and take
action to correct it before it gets out of hand. The difference to me is so
great that I would only go back to MDI if there were no other alternative.
This is not to say that things are easier now, because I still have to check
my sugar about 7 times a day and I still have to count carbs, etc. I have to
worry about being careful with my infusion sites lest I get an infection
(none so far). All in all the best thing for me is that I no longer have the
wild swings from low to high and back all the time. This makes it all
worthwhile for me because I feel so darn much better than I did before! My
only words of wisdom , for whatever they are worth, would be to find a
balance between letting your diabetes run out of control and letting your
diabetes control you! Do the best you can at control without being a slave
to your disease. If you are like most of us I believe you will find pumping
allows you to do this much better than before.


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