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Re: [IP] New to list and pump

I had the same experience. My doctor had two patience on the pump but had not 
perscribed it and knew nothing about it. He could not comprehend basal rates 
as separate from boluses. But he did perscribe "poor man's pump" therapy as a 
three month preparation for pump perscription. It was the testing and setting 
of basal rates that confused him. I've moved a lot so have had doctors 
familiar and unfamiliar. Yes its an interesting curiosity to the unfamiliar 
but I'm paying them. So give me a pump specialist. The first confused doctor 
couldn't see how my next meal was independant of my previous meal in fasting 
to set a basal rate. He would have me fast four hours. But with the pump I 
begin my fasting test after four hours of fasting.
I avoid water now except during site changes. One hour surfing allmost lost 
the tape. One hour in hot tub lost the tape. I think surfing is possible with 
a tight wet suit but the water's 70 now. I've never heard of keeping it dry? 
You'll want to try with and without the IV3000 tape. I sweat the IV3000 off 
while jogging but the unprotected sillouette breathes. For a while I went hi 
after disconnecting briefly and avoided that. But I was make theories from 
anecdotes as one will until much time passes. Its worth the transistion. Good 
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