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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #whatever-Carole

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From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #whatever

To all those people who get the digest (thinking they are too busy to read
the individual posts) Guess what?  I just delete your posts because I figure
that if you do not care enough to change the subject line to what the real
subject is, you really do not care that your opinion or thoughts are heard.
You are kind of like the people who constantly complain that they can't get
hold of someone on the phone but refuse to leave a message on an answering
machine because, "I hate those things!".

There have been times that I am home and I let the answering machine catch
calls because I would rather call you back rather than let my 12 month old
drowned in the bathtub.  Just think about it.

- ----------------------------------------------------------
I am one who gets the digest so that I may READ every message without all of
them congesting an already busy mailbox.  I guess I resent your attitude
just a little bit.  What has your answering machine got to do with those of
us who get the digest and your baby in the tub??????

I figure you were just angry when you sent this message and now would think
better of it.  Hope ypu feel better for writing it.

Furthermore, those who get the digest and answer a message there within,
have a bit of work to do to prepare that message and I, for one, have beeen
guilty of FORGETTING to change that subject line and I honestly believe that
is what happens with those that slip through that way.

You may delete any messages you like.  But, try to be a bit more
understanding of another's mistake.  Maybe I will feel bad about sending
this, but your blanket judgment of all who get the digest sort of made me a
little bit mad!  I feel better now after writing this.  .
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