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Re: [IP] Any words of wisdom?

Stephanie wrote:

>>I am seeing a lot of people frustrated with their pumps and having
I don't want to make such a life change and go to the pump if I am still
going to have trouble.  But, I feel like I don't have a choice. I have been
diabetic for 14 years and feel like it is running my life. Never have I felt
this way. I have always been able to manage the diabetes and feel normal.
Now I feel like it is managing me.<<

I'm not sure that these are words of wisdom but... most of the time on the
List, you only see messages from people who are having difficulties or
problems.  The people that everything is going fine for usually don't post
and say, "hey everything is great!"  Most people here use the List for help
or suggestions.  I want to tell you that I've had 'betes for 37 years, and
have been pumping for the last 4 1/2 months and I love pumping!  For the
first time in 37 years I am experiencing good control and flexibility and
FREEDOM!  I never had this on shots.  Hang in there, pumps are work, but
they are so worth it.  And, pumps are not without occasional quirks, but
then, I don't think anything in life is.  Feel free to email me if you like.

RoseLea (and Max)

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