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Re: [IP] BG Testing after Dual Wave Bolus

> KennyG wrote:
> Four weeks on the MM 508 and already I have questions :-)  My CDE
> taught me to check my BG two hours after a meal bolus.  Pretty
> straightforward. However, when is the correct interval for testing
> after a dual wave bolus with the square wave portion spread over 1.5
> hours?  Do you test 2 hours after the initial normal wave portion or
> two hours after the square wave portion is completed?

The two hour check is really to check that your original bolus is not 
way off. Post prandial bg's at two hours could be quite good, even as 
high as 180, depending on the glycemic index of the food eaten. 
Ideally this procedure just gives you management information so that 
the next time you eat the same stuff, you can get closer to the 
desired targets when digestion is complete at 4-5 hours+

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