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Re: [IP] Bad Weekend...

>  HERE IS MY QUESTION:  The set I put in her last night came from the
> first box we were given.  The last two, possibly three sets that
> have gone bad, came from a new box that we just got... Is it
> possible for a set to start out bad?  And is it possible for a whole
> collection of sets to be bad?  Or is there possibly another reason
> we have had problems with this box? 

It is unlikely that the problem is with the infusion sets. You didn't 
mention in your post which set your are using. It might be that the 
type of set is just not suited for your daughter. This is not all 
that uncommon so don't be upset about it. Post the type of set your 
are using so we can make some suggestions about either technique for 
insertion or other set types.

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