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[IP] Cut and Paste

 I hope this helps some of you.  Its actually copied from a computer course
online.  (what do they call plagerism online?)
 Pump Huggsss.........Dauna

Heres all the information you ever
>wanted to know about your clipboard and related tasks (like selecting
>text, cut, copy, & paste)
>Clipboard - The Windows clipboard is used to temporarily store stuff.
>This "stuff" can come in the form of just about anything. Images, files,
>documents, etc - they can all be placed on the clipboard. Once something
>has been copied to the clipboard it can be pasted into another location.
>Selecting Text - To select text, simply place your mouse cursor at the
>beginning of the text you want to select. Then, keeping the left mouse
>button down, drag your mouse cursor to the end of the area you want
>selected. If it's a large area, select the first word (then lift up your
>mouse button), scroll down to the last word, and hit the SHIFT key as
>you left-click.. This will quickly select the entire area.
>Copy - When you copy something in, say, a word processor, it gets copied
>to the clipboard. To copy, select the text and hit the Edit menu, Copy.
>In most cases a right-click will display a menu with a COPY command. Or
>you can use the "universal" copy shortcut, CTRL-C.
>Cut - Works just like copy except it removes the text or item from the
>document it's copied from.  It's handy for moving around paragraphs or
>sentences in a word processor. To use it, select the text you would like
>to cut and hit the Edit menu, Cut. In most cases, you can right-click
>the selected text and select CUT from the resulting menu. Its shortcut
>is normally CTRL-X
>Paste - This takes the information from the clipboard and places it in
>your document. To use it, just position your cursor where you want the
>clipboard contents inserted and hit the Edit menu, Paste. Again, a
>right-click usually gives you a menu with a PASTE command. Its shortcut
>is usually CTRL-V.

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