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[IP] what EVER??

Carole wrote
> To all those people who get the digest (thinking they are too busy 
> to read the individual posts) 

Actually, we the VAST MANY that use the digest still read ALL the posts, in 
fact we are forced to at least LOOK at them...we don't have the luxury of you 
single message readers of just deleting the ones with subject lines that 
don't interest us

> Guess what?  I just delete your posts 

It is your right as a member of the list to do whatever you want with the 
messages you receive. god bless 'merica!!!  let freedom reign!!!

> because I figure 
> that if you do not care enough to change the subject line to what 
> the real subject is, you really do not care that your opinion or thoughts 
> are heard.  

Now don't be silly....You must acknowledge that there is a learning curve and 
not EVERYONE is as computer savvy as you...then there are the people to whom 
accidents do still happen...fingers slip - have you never sent a message 
before you were quite finsihed??  I have been a member of this list for 
almost 3 years, and even with my VAST experience and my deep seated desire to 
voice my opinion, there have been occasions when I accidentally forgot to 
change the subject heading...It is not so much that I don't care if my 
opinion is heard or not...it is just I FORGOT...so sue me!! 

Actually a BETTER thing to do, in my opinion, is delete messages based on who 
the AUTHOR is...as there are certain people I don't care to read, no matter 
WHAT the subject and others who I never miss!!  I know there are some who see 
a post from me and they automatically click DELETE...FINE with me!!

> You are kind of like the people who constantly complain 
> that they can't get hold of someone on the phone but refuse 
> to leave a message on an answering machine because, "I hate 
> those things!".  

Have you ever worked in the entertainment industry?  It doesn't matter how 
many messages you leave, or whether you leave one at all, cuz people do NOT 
return calls.  When you finally do get a hold of them, you find out that, "OH 
no....you should have left a message on my 800# voice mail cuz my cell 
phone's batteries are dead and my pager has not yet been forwarded from my 
roaming service, but you can always leave a messge at my agents, if they are 
not too busy, but their receptionist is not too good about taking calls for 

Why did I just say all that?  Cuz your previous remark was just as silly? I 
don't think not changing the subject line has ANYTHIGN to do with not leaving 
a message on an answering machine.  


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