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Re: [IP] Any words of wisdom?

   I'm certain I won't be the only one to state the obvious: the reason you 
see so many "problematic" posts here is because by doing so, the writer knows 
that he/she can immediately access viable solutions from those who have "been 
there/done that". The thousands of satisfied pumpers don't need to post about 
how wonderful pumping is because, as someone else once stated, they're too 
busy simply enjoying their new-found liberated lives!! If it's "testimonials" 
you're seeking, search through the members' profiles and the digests and 
you'll see LOTS of evidence as to why Pump Therapy is such a more "humane" 
lifestyle for anyone with diabetes. 
       You can also liken it to a car- if you're having mechanical problems, 
you many bemoan the hassles & ask others to recommend a great mechanic, but 
once the problem is solved & you're underway again, you wouldn't resort to a 
bicycle as a mode of transportation because of those problematic moments. My 
17 1/2 yr old daughter, pumping 4 1/2 years now, had a multitude of problems 
in the first year, but we persevered so that she could live a 
less-constrained, structured life as a teenager & YES, it has definitely been 
worth all the "start-up" hassles (which by the way, not everyone experiences 
   So welcome aboard the "Pump Bandwagon" soon & welcome to our "cyber 
community" which enables pumpers, young & old, experienced & inexperienced, 
to benefit from each others' stories.
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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