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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #whatever

At 06:38 AM 10/02/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >To all those people who get the digest (thinking they are too busy to read
 >the individual posts) Guess what?  I just delete your posts because I figure
 >that if you do not care enough to change the subject line to what the real
 >subject is, you really do not care that your opinion or thoughts are heard.

Unfortunately it is often not that simple. I would guess that most people 
who don't change the subject are fairly new to computing and/or email. They 
don't always understand the way it works and some are people are very 
concerned about changing anything. Others may not realize that they CAN 
change the subject and/or even how to do it. Occasionally it is just a 
simple mistake... we all make them.

Computing is not second nature to the vast majority of people. Basic 
functions like cutting/pasting text and editing are not intuitive to a new 
person on the computer. We try to serve everyone, not just the fully 
computer literate. The volunteer admins do try to write people privately to 
help them with obvious problems. The job for all the rest of us is to be as 
patient as possible and provide the best information about pumping to 
everyone on this list without pre-judgement.


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