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[IP] Welcome Gail

Gail Donohue  said:
I am a Type I for 12 years and I'm starting on the pump this week 10/00. I 
have had few problems with my diabetes except for being very insulin 
resistance. I was taking close to 250 units a day to keep good numbers. I 
choose the MiniMed 508 and am excited about starting. 

Welcome to list and hope you get to start pumping soon...I also take lots of insulin and find I have to change parts of infusion sets every day....this is different from most people on the list...so don't let that throw you!  what works for you is what works for you!  Pumping is great and freeing, esp with a busy lifestyle, which I bet you have!  The minimed is great, especially for large boluses - though takes longer, it does not sting, as it seems other machines do that bolus faster...


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