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[IP] Bad Weekend...

Hi all,
	I haven't posted in a while, just been reading, but I need to share our
bad weekend experience.  4 am Friday morning Caitlyn woke up having
thrown up.  Her blood sugar was over three hundred.  I thought we had a
sick day on our hands.  Just before 6 am, she threw up again, complained
of being really thirsty, sugar over 300 still, with moderate to high
keytones.  I called the doctor after I gave her an injection of insulin
(no bolus) who said to take her to the emergency room.
	Got her to emergency just before 9 am and they took her in right away. 
Her BG's came down to normal for a little while, but she still had
keytones.  She had stopped throwing up, so we thought it was probably
just the flu.  Then at 3 pm, her Bg's spike back up to 302, so we
increased her basal  and gave her a high BG bolus.  An hour later she
was up to 317.  Increased her basal again and gave another high BG
bolus. An hour after that, she jumped up to 345 and started throwing up
	Needless to say (after 12 hours of being in the ER!) they admitted her
for DKA.  She had two, possibly three sets in a row that were bent.  I
had just changed her set at 6pm thursday night because was having
unexplained highs.  Apparently the replacement set had bent as well!!! 
Last night, Saturday, they wanted to put her back on shots of long
acting and fast acting insulin.  I said, NO WAY!  I did not want to
fight that long acting insulin again!  After calling her Pediatrician, I
won and put in another set which has been working perfectly!
	HERE IS MY QUESTION:  The set I put in her last night came from the
first box we were given.  The last two, possibly three sets that have
gone bad, came from a new box that we just got... Is it possible for a
set to start out bad?  And is it possible for a whole collection of sets
to be bad?  Or is there possibly another reason we have had problems

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 10 mo, 5 1/2 YO, pumping since July 2000
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