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Re: [IP] Restless Leg Syndrome

For 4 months, I have also been on a minimum .5 dose of clonipin (generic 
name, probably misspelled) at night for insomnia.  It has worked wonders for 
me.  My sister and friend have also been on this drug for 4 years and swear 
by it.  Although it is addictive at high doses, and only mildly so at our 
dose, none of us have had to raise our dose.  Usually people who go on 
clonipin do so to address sleep problems, so if you aren't sleeping after 
withdrawing from the drug, I don't think it necessarily points to an 
addiction.  Your original sleep problem returns when not on clonipin; or 
something like it.  (By the way, my friend who is on the clonipin has 
restless leg syndrome.)  I know what you mean about taking an addictive drug, 
but if you don't have to raise the dose over the years, why not take it as 
you would insulin.  Because this drug has given me (and my sister and friend) 
back my life after 5 years of serious insomnia, I am willing to take my 
"little pill" for the rest of my life.  A neurologist gave me every test in 
the book before prescribing it, and he has suggested I consider splitting it 
in half, and take a .25 dose if it bugs me that much.  After going on the 
clonipin, I also went on estrogen to address peri-menopausal problems, of 
which insomnia was one.  Given how great I feel on the estrogen, I am now 
wondering if the estrogen wouldn't have been enough to clear up the insomnia. 
 Of course, I can always cut back on the clonipin any time I want.  A 
psychiatrist prescribed it for my sister, and a neurologist prescribed it to 
my friend.  On the other hand, both my gynecologist and internist wouldn't 
prescribe it their patients.  But that is OK with me, because this drug is in 
the domain of either a neurologist or psychiatrist, and typically they are 
totally comfortable with it at low doses.  Keep us posted.
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