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Re: [IP] BG Testing after Dual Wave Bolus

KennyG wrote:

Four weeks on the MM 508 and already I have questions :-)  My CDE taught me
to check my BG two hours after a meal bolus.  Pretty straightforward.
However, when is the correct interval for testing after a dual wave bolus
with the square wave portion spread over 1.5 hours?  Do you test 2 hours
after the initial normal wave portion or two hours after the square wave
portion is completed?


I too recently (4 months) started on a MM508.  I asked my CDE about this,
and her answer basically came down to that it depends on what you plan to do
when you test after 2 hours.  If you are just checking up, and taking no
action, 2 hours after the meal is fine.  If you are going to bolus for high
sugar if it is high, you need to wait until 2 hours after the square wave
part _finishes_.  This is because if the square wave part is spread out over
1.5 hours, and you test 2 hours after you _start_ it, you have to do all
kinds of figuring for the unused insulin (which isn't really done doing its
thing until 4 hours after you give it, on average) and if you correct .5
hour after the last of it has gone in, you will almost inevitably crash from
too much insulin an hour or two after the bolus.

Having learned from bitter experience that this is true for me, (I asked her
because I was going really low after doing what I thought I should) I now
wait the full two hours after the square wave finishes, and have had much
less problem with lows.  Of course, YMMV.  In fact, undoubtedly will.

Take what helps and ignore the rest.


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