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[IP] high BgS and set changes


In spite everything I do, everytime I change my daughters infustion sets, 
she has high bgs afterwards. I prime the sets as instructed. She will have 
high results for 1 or 2 hours after. Does this happen to anyone else and 
what could be the problem.

Have had better luck with the Sils, inserted Wedenesday afternoon and 
everything was ok. No more tape coming off, the adhesive on the sils sure 
sticks! Only thing I noticed was the skin a little bumpy and a red bump 
where the cannula was. Much bigger bump than when using sofsets.

On the other hand, I had heard about pizza rising bgs but it hadnt 
happened to Eileen until the other night. Was 162 before having 1 slice of 
extra cheese pepperoni pizza and like 2 or 3 bites out of another slice. 
Bolused 4 units (all together) have never used square or  dual wave boluses 
yet. Next morning, 215. she normally wakes up in her low 80s. Did I bolus 
too little? How much should I bolus for 1 slice? I know there are many 
pizaa-holics who can give me some advice. book and carb counting I have says 
1 slice =33 gms.

Thanks to everyone who gave me some advice and kind words both on this list 
as well as those who emailed me privately, on how to deal with teenage 
pumpers and cheating!

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