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[IP] Discouraged and sleep deprived...HELP!

<SNIP>Gus(8-dxd 10/98) started on the pump last Monday...success i.e. good
have been spotty.  Checking BGs every 2-3 hours (as needed during this first
2-3 weeks) ...I knew it would be a difficult two weeks-two months, but we
are really questioning the relative value of the pump.  Words of
encouragement PLEASE!  It must get better than this! <SNIP>

Pam - hang in there - I found the first 2 to 3 months horrible! There were
nights of crying and being on the phone with MM tech support at 2am testing
the pump, giving shots to bring down highs, not trusting the pump -
everything you describe. 

BUT - it will get better - I promise. It seems like we were starting all
over, when we started the pump in late Jan/00. 8 months later, we love it
and would not give it up.  There is hope.  You will figure out which sets
work best, how to insert, tips, etc. Please email the list with questions,
you will be amazed at the response! We had problems with the soft sets, and
finally just went to the sils and it has been 100% better. No more
crimping, probably only once a month or two of a needle to bring down a
high when a site change is due but he is sleeping at night. 

That is due more to us being lazy and trying to get one more day out of a
site that is going well. 

Hang in there and feel free to email me with any questions.

Linda, mom to Adam, 4 1/2, pumping 8 months

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