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Re: [IP] BG Testing after Dual Wave Bolus

This is the kind of stuff I read and think I'm just not meant to ever figure out my pump.  I've had my pump for three years and have never heard of a square bolus of a square wave portion-have I done this before and simply don't know what it is?  Could someone explain if they can.  Thanks Carol T.
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From: email @ redacted>Kenneth E Guilbault
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Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 10:43 PM
Subject: [IP] BG Testing after Dual Wave Bolus

Four weeks on the MM 508 and already I have questions :-)  My CDE taught me to check my BG two hours after a meal bolus.  Pretty straightforward.  However, when is the correct interval for testing after a dual wave bolus with the square wave portion spread over 1.5 hours?  Do you test 2 hours after the initial normal wave portion or two hours after the square wave portion is completed?
Kenny G