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: [IP] I just need to vent

[IP] I just need to vent;

Hang in there!  I'm 4 weeks on the MM 508 and had an eventful first week somewhat like you.  I was attending a conference in SC when all of a sudden I could hear some type of constant alarm sound.  For the life of me, I couldn't imagine what it was and then thought of my pump.  I checked the screen and I had some sort of E alarm (I think).  Went back to my room, called MM and they walked me through a variety of checks.  They attributed it to static electricity. 
Later, walking in the airport to my gate, I had two more alarms.  Different ones this time (an A and an E, I think).  By now, I was ready to throw this box through a window.  Called MM again (thank God for that 800#).  They talked me through a series of checks again and this time I was told to take out my battery cartridge and re-insert it.  I did, and it worked fine after that.  When I got back home, I called MM again and said I thought I had a "lemon".  They calmed me down and convinced me that was not the case and that these were not unusual alarms.  For the static issue, they told me to put a piece of that fabric that you put in the dryer with your clothes, e.g. Snuggles, Bounty, into my pump pouch.  Haven't had a problem since.
Bottom line, they're mechanical devices and subject to some degree of malfunction...........within reason.  MM customer service has been very responsive (as they should be for a $5k+ purchase!).
Kenny G.