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Re: [IP] A1C's....longish

mag0427 wrote:
> Ok i'm sure this has been beaten to death..........but........i keep reading
> these post about A1C's in the 4's?  5's?....I think that is WONDERFUL, but
> what am i doing wrong. Matt has maintained an A1C of 6.8-7.0 since being
> diabetic...........i know that is good, but.........how and or what to do to
> make it BETTER????

OK, this is Natalie's soapbox!

Mag, let all reports of other people's A1c's go in one ear and out the
They are NOT comparable from one person to another!

Part of the reason is that different people have different forms of
hemoglobin, and they glycate differently -- some people can run really
high BGs and not have such high A1c's and vice versa. This may ALSO
explain why some people get complications with relatively good control
and others have awful control and escape scott-free.

So what good is an A1c? It allows you to track Matt's PERSONAL progress.
For example, if you get an A1c that is radically higher than the last
one, it alerts you to test more often and see if you can find out what's
causing it.

If you get a lower one, it means that whatever you're doing is working.
For the time being anyway, what with Matt still being a child, and still
growing, and still looking forward to those marvelous hormonal teen

All that said, the REAL indicator you should be looking at is observing
cause and effect -- how much insulin does he need to handle the
exigencies of daily life. 

I'm always impressed at how carefully Michael has worked out Lily's
insulin needs -- a child ALWAYS needs tinkering with basals and boluses
and carb ratios according to exercise levels, growth spurts, appetite
spurts, etc. etc. 

So what I'm trying to say is don't let anyone else's results drag you
down into feeling that you're not doing well enough by Matt -- the only
person you can compare him to is himself, and the only thing you can DO
is keep plugging away at it!

Hang in there!!!!

Smiles and hugs, 
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