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Re: [IP] A1C's....longish

George Lovelace wrote:
> Let's remember to keep the A1c numbers in perspective.  The
> easiest way is to convert them to mg/dl by multiplying by 18.  Thus
> an A1c of under 4.4 is Hypo (under 80) and a A1c of 7.0 is 126.
> Not an extreme high Bg, but one to work down on average.  A 5.6
> is right at a 100.  Each lab may have a slightly different scale for
> normal values though, so do be careful when comparing.

You're getting two entirely different measurements confused. 

The one you multiply by 18 is the millimole/liter measurement used by
many countries in Europe and also in Canada. That's a spot blood glucose
just like we do in mg/dl.

A1c is an entirely different measurement, and cannot REALLY be converted
into average BGs. There are some algorithms that people use, but they
don't apply to everyone equally. 

Actually, I can see why A1c's and mmol/l get confusing -- the numbers
are similar!

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