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[IP] Re: blood sugar fluctuations


I was on a combination of Ultralente, N and Humalog and had glycos in
the high 5s and low 6s with a range of bgs from 30 to 400.  No matter
how careful I was I was never certain when and how that U would hit me.
I can't tell you how many nights I woke up with my husband trying to get
some orange juice down me.  It was, however, the best control I was able
to get (or so I thought!). Like you, my exercise was predictable, most
of my meals were predictable and I found it extremely frustrating not to
be able to project where my bgs would be when everything else was on

I started pumping in early June, and although it is still not perfect, I
have not had a single problem over night.  I am becoming aware of lows
and can start treating at 70 to prevent further problems. I still have
some highs, but my endo says it takes time for your body to get

I would not go back to injections.  I fought the pump for years (I have
been diabetic for 46 years, since the age of 2) and now I wonder why.
The control is now in my hands.  Using the U and N, I was never sure.
Good luck!


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