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[IP] new to list and pump

hi gail!
i read your bio, i'm also in new jersey. my dr is also clueless when it
comes to a pump. i have been pumping for an entire 5 days now and i LOVE it!
i have only been diagnosed dm for 2 months now, but i was on that roller
coaster ride from he**. now my last nite basils readings only fluctuated 10
points all nite for the past two nites!!!!!
to answer your question, if you haven't already, get ye the book "pumping
insulin", and make sure it's the third edition. read it , then re-read it.:)
are you getting a pump trainer? i hope so if your doc isn't familiar! i'm
not sure where in new jersey you are, but fern is my pump trainer, based out
of cherry hill, and she's the BEST!!!!  since most p.t. aren't doctors they
can't "prescribe" how much insulin to start on, so your p.t. should talk to
your doc and agree on basic rates. you can get an idea of how much you'll
start on by reading the book. fern talked to my doc, and she "recommended"
beginning rates, and he "approves" any changes when i call him and tell him
i'm changing it :) i wouldn't worry if your doc isn't familiar *as long as*
you'll have a pump trainer or cde. i really wouldn't recommend trying this
with no one familiar with it, but you've been dm for a long time, so maybe
you'll be able to figure it all out better than i can :)
to make your transition easier, get lots of sleep the nites before :)
testing ever 2 hours all nite makes one tired...
good luck!! i know it will go well!
leann marcucci
email @ redacted
(sorry i can't help with the swimming part...)

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