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Re: [IP] I just need to vent

I've been a Disetronic user for 7 years and only had a problem requiring the
replacement of a pump once. that's when I let the same old piston rod be
used for three years and some months.

It is definately a fluke and I would not discontinue pumping because of
it....I understand it can get frustrating, but if you're ready to throw in
the towel after one 'bad' episode, perhaps there's another reason...Did you
really want the pump or did the doctors kinda sway your hand in getting and
using one?

Just curious---No, not George :-)
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
----- Original Message -----

> Jennifer wrote:
> >>but I'm not sure I
> can face going through the whole process of starting on the pump again, if
> it's only going to malfunction in another week.  I'm sure that I will once
> my
> rational side takes over again, but for now I'm so bummed!  I just needed
> vent.  Also, have any of you had many pump malfunction problems in the
> I just want to know how often I can count on this happening.<<

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