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Re: [IP] blood sugar fluctuations

Victoria wrote:

>>I have a HgA1c of 5.4. To obtain that, blood sugars frequently range from
the 30's to the 300's. I am interested in the pump to address that wide
frequent fluctuation.<<

Victoria, I also had great A1c's in the 5's with the fluctuating blood
sugars from 30 to 300 and back again in an hour.  I've been on my pump for 4
1/2 months, my last A1c was 4.5 and I no longer have those wide fluctuations
in blood sugars.  I stay mostly in my range these days, feel better and have
lost 10 pounds since starting pumping since I'm no longer feeding all those
lows I used to have.  For me, the pump has been wonderful, I've found
freedom and flexibility in my life again.  It takes some adjusting and work
to get the pump working well, but I've never regretted it for a second.
I've had 'betes for 37 years and last was on a mix of NPH and R before
switching to Humalog in my pump.


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