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Re: [IP] non-compliant or ignorant

In response to that bad example your son ran into.  I'd put him into the same 
category as drunk drivers, drug addicts, etc.  Sure, there's a choice to be 
made in life to live responsibly and happily, or to chose the short and 
miserable path that "Mr. FINE" has chosen.

On the street I live on there are now three families with a type 1 diabetic 
in them.  There are only about 20 houses on this particular street.  I'm of 
course one of them, happily pumping away.  The next one is like your Mr. 
FINE, he's just great, takes two shots a day, but every time he drinks too 
much (like 12 beers after dinner) he passes out and his kids can't get him 
up, they call 911 and here's the paramedics again, at least once a week.  The 
third type 1 is a darling little 5 yo boy, just newly diagnosed this summer.  
His parents were walking by recently and I was out front planting flowers.  
They noticed my pump.  They didn't even know I was diabetic.  They said, "You 
must have a different kind of diabetes from Mr. FINE and our son.  We never 
see the paramedics at your house!"  How sad that they thought their little 
boy was destined for a life like Mr. FINE's.  They have since been to 
education and support groups, and now know that their son can be OK.  Makes 
me P____ED to think that my Mr. FINE is setting this kind of an example for 
us dm ers in the community.

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