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Re: [IP] husband lost his job.

In a message dated 10/31/99 3:53:08 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< There is no way she is gonna get enough money from selling her pump to 
 provide any better for her husband, but maybe a few months worth of free 
 supplies will tide her over til things get better???
 Richard - what is her email - i will tell her I will send reservoirs!!!
I was wondering the same thing.  Does she just need supplies to keep pumping, 
or does she really need the $2000 so bad that she's willing to sacrifice the 
pump.  If she wants the supplies I'd sure be glad to pitch in.  I sure hope 
the husband isn't pressuring to sell it.  Wonder what kind of job he needs 
and where they are?  Maybe some of us could help.  I know we have a hell of a 
time finding employees in AZ with a 1-2% unemployment rate.

When I was without insurance I purchased bent needle sets from Minimed for 
$90/12, took the thingy out of my pump reservoir so I could hold 300 units 
and left the set in for like a week at a time.  If the tubing still looked 
good, I'd take out the needle, refill the same reservoir and reinsert in a 
new place.  I often had one tubing set lasting 3 weeks this way. And the 
reservoirs even longer.  Yeah, I know its not the best way, but it worked.

Anyway, I'd sure love to help if she wants it.

another rebel pumper
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