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[IP] Caitlyn's last A1c count?

> Take into consideration how well your kid will do at school lunch, and
> bolusing for an odd snack on their own.  Can they calculate carbs and
> boluses?  or will you ALWAYS be there to help, or do you have a 5 day a
> school nurse that you can train?  Teachers are useless, usually nurses
> It is you and your kid.
> I would not recommend the pump to every family that I know.  Of course, I
> wouldn't recommend diabetes to them either.

I agree with you Curtis.

just tonight,  geneva went off to a girl scout halloween function, and she
came home with a BG of 376.  I asked if she bolused for all the food that
she ate, and she said yes, but that she had gatorade and popcorn and caramel
apples ,etc etc...and she said that she would bolus perhaps after eating the
here is a case in which she is suffering from high BG/s because she chose
not to bolus in advance.

unless a kid is under a parent's supervision 24 hours a day or can handle
these situations solo...it is a very tricky thing.

if the parent in charge is 'unavailable'...then what?   if I had to go to
the hospital or out of town for a few days/week/whatever... I am  confident
that geneva could take care of herself.  she knows how to change out a
site...load a cartridge (even though I do it now)...and she knows how to
count carbs and bolus.  she knows that if her numbers are high several times
in a row that she should change her site.

sometimes the age thing really does make a difference.  if there are many
caregivers who can "fill in"...then all the better.

mom to a very independent , responsible , 10 1/2 yr. old pumper

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