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Re:[IP] Caitlyn's last A1c count?

About getting a kid on the pump.  We actually had a pretty easy time with
Kaiser.  It seems that you just have to get around your endo and then it is
a done deal.

The "kidsRpumping" web site has plenty of examples.  probably the most
needed thing is the confidence of your endo in you.  Show them that you are
independent and confident and that your kid is into the pump.

We asked once and got the "wait till she is 12" routine.  Called back two
weeks later and told them we really wanted the pump NOW.  Well, we got the
pump right away and haven't heard from the endo since.  We do have a CDE in
Pleasanton and have a 24 hr pager for her, she is very willing to help.
There will be a support group in Santa Clara someday, we may have start it,
but it will happen.

So I think it will always be a relationship thing between you , your kid and
the endo.  We happened to appear determined and got the endo on a weak day,
I guess.

Take into consideration how well your kid will do at school lunch, and
bolusing for an odd snack on their own.  Can they calculate carbs and
boluses?  or will you ALWAYS be there to help, or do you have a 5 day a week
school nurse that you can train?  Teachers are useless, usually nurses are.
It is you and your kid.

I would not recommend the pump to every family that I know.  Of course, I
wouldn't recommend diabetes to them either.

Good luck

Curtis Lomax

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