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[IP] husband lost his job.

Richard wrote:
>  I talked to the person who is selling this pump...She
>  is selling the pump because her husband lost his job.  She is
>  in desperate need to raise money.  I really feel bad for this lady

so why don't the 1,700 of us each send her something????  I called Disetronic 
and got samples of the micro thingie for Jessica when Nita lost her 
insurance, Randall send me a novopen when I started using H for highs, I have 
a pile of reservoirs laying around.  Why don't we start our own clearing 
house and help people like this???!?!?

There is no way she is gonna get enough money from selling her pump to 
provide any better for her husband, but maybe a few months worth of free 
supplies will tide her over til things get better???

Richard - what is her email - i will tell her I will send reservoirs!!!

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