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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #605

 Jose wrote:

>  Have you guys ever tried to fulfil the reservoir with
>  more than 160 units? I tried to put 200 units to be
>  4-days safe but after I have put down the arms...
>  no way Jose! An "insulin lake" was formed in the

well, you have to use that little device that came with your pump and REMOVE 
the neck thingamajig.  Then you can fill your pump up to 300 units.  of 
course the top of the reservoir where the tubing attaches sticks out the top 
of the pump, but heck with 300 units, less 20 to prime leaves 280 - I could 
go more than a week on one fill.

WITH the neck thing, the MAX is 160...any more will just be wasted

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