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[IP] Ebay and Minimed apologies


I tell ya what, if people have sent you nasty notes for posting something 
like this, I am sure you can only imagine the things I have gotten for my 
insensitive, vulgar posts...tee heee

I, for one, was glad to read your post....my health insurance fortunately 
pays for the pump, but come the day it doesn't. you can betcha I will be 
looking on ebay - I will go back to syringes when they pry this sucker out of 
my cold dead fingers, and if anyone has a problem with that they can kiss 
mah...uhhhh...they can send me a nasty email! 

> Seems I can't post anything anymore without
>  receiving private emails that aren't very nice. 
> Thinking about quitting the list now...

part of the fun of posting to the list is trying to see if anyone is actually 
listening to what you say, or merely reading the words and having a knee jerk 
reaction...I love it, and hope you don't leave!!!!  

Love, Sara 

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