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[IP] max reservoir

i fill my mm syringe up with 180 units of insulin, prime 20 through the 43" 
tubing and use it til it is damn near empty, or I get a NO DELIVERYy 
alarm...This is usually 5 days.  Then I pull the plunger back on,the syringe 
(out of the pump and disconnected obviously), and pull that 20 units in the 
tubing back into the syring, then reattach the  needle and suck another 160 
units into the syringe...I do this til I decide to change the 
syringe...usually no more than once every 3-4 site changes, so a reservoir 
can last me a good two weeks or more...I have more resevoirs than I knwo what 
to do with.  YMMV  anyone wanna trade them for Profile strips or tenders???? 
lemme know

Sara the renegade
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