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[IP] Non Compliance? Or Ignorance?

Mag0427 wrote:
>  So the conversation continues , he doesn't test regulary, and 
>  is taking 2 shots a day, doesn't watch what he eats and is fine!  
> Now i'm getting bugged!  His wife says yes, he's had eye 
> surgery 2x, is on blood pressure med, and wrecked his car from low 
> blood sugar!!!!!!!!  HE"S FINE???????  I don't understand this, please 
> help me.  Is this non- compliance or ignorance?  

Well, you all know what I am going to say...Despite the fact that I don't 
know this man, I tend to think this is one of those people that belongs with 
my lady at the gym...STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE.....How DARE he say he is 
"fine" having had eye surgery (I am "assuming" laser for retinopathy); What 
BALLS is he using when he says he is FINE after wrecking a car???  How FINE 
are the people he plowed into???  are they FINE too? or are they dead???  He 
is NOT fine...Tell your son, this man is NOT a strong role model and that 
Sara, if noone else, considers him (the man, not Matt) STUPID and 

>  am trying to teach Matt that he DOESN"T have a choice, he must 
> check regularly, must doctor regulary, that these complications can 
> happen to him, 

I am not telling you to do different, cuz I dont have kids, but having BEEN 
one, with diabetes, I would suggest you DO let him know he has a choice....He 
can make a weak choice, and not test, and not take his insulin and eat like 
crap, and be like all the guys...for a while, til he loses he eye sight or a 
leg.  Or he can make a strong choice and have a full, happy, healthy 
life...unless he gets hit by some other STUPID diabetic who THINKS he is FINE 
when he gets behind a wheel.  Personally, there is nothing that makes me want 
to rebel more strongly than someone telling me I HAVE NO CHOICE in 
something...teach Matt what he is up against...you will teach him about drugs 
and alcohol and sex....you will hope he makes responsible choices that don't 
kill him about those things...do the same with diabetes...let him do the 
reading and investigating - you provide the material...you don't have to try 
and scare him straight - it didn't work for me...won't work for most 
kids...We have to WANT to do what it right...

Sara, who may test her blood sugar 8_+ times a day and knows there are 19 
grams of carb in the reese's peanut butter pumpkin I just ate...but sure 
wouldn't consider herself FINE....I can't see crap today!!!

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