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Re: [IP] 508 & Daylight savings!! Funny!!!!! -long

Well, from my understanding, the pump automatically changes the time for 
you.  However, there must be two places this time is stored.  Internally & 
externally (please forgive me if I'm explaining this wrong!).  When the 
outside changed, like it was suppose to, it didn't match up with the time on 
the inside... so the alarm went off and KEPT GOING OFF!!!!  Guess what 
frustrated me is I didn't get any help for close to 4 hours.  Only pumping a 
week, I was scared to death.  Then the person who called me (she was 
extremely nice), didn't really know much about it either.  I told her what 
took so long to call back and she said that they were swamped with calls.  
Then I said, well, this pump didn't deliver insulin for that entire time, 
I've been awake doing it myself.  She said that was incorrect and I said: Oh 
yes, it is.  She put me on hold, then came back on and said:  "You are 
correct, the pump does not deliver insulin when the alarm is going off.  I 
told her that I was real hesitant about continuing this, will this keep 
going on now at every time change.  Her answer, "Yes, but you just need to 
get up and change that time".  I'm sorry, I didn't spend $5,495 on a pump 
that doesn't work properly.  That's when I placed my call to MiniMed this 
morning and told them they better get this problem fixed and I want to know 
about it.  I'm sure they thought I was a "real" B----... but, heck, I was 
tired and the support I thought was going to be there in the time I needed 
them, wasn't!


>>it was sounded an alarm, and everyone who has a 508
>>was doing exactly what i was doing!!!!!!!!!!  MiniMed didn't anticipate a
>>problem and only had 2 phone reps on duty and over 2000 508's on the
>>market!!!!!!  Once problem was resolved
>So what exactly was the 508 doing?? Does it auto-change the time for you??
>Or does it beep to remind you to change the time? It must be a either a
>feature or a bug (depending on how you look at it).
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