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[IP] software avaiable

Hello everybody. I am glad for have recieved Dan Richardson's
Carbohydrate & Insulin software. It's an useful tool that must be
used for everyone who wants an easy, secure and fast way to
calculate the correction bolus after a meal, or just a correction.

Everyone in this list has a PC-access, sure, and the software is
exactly to be used through a PC - but how about when you are
in the car, or in the cafeteria, or going out to have lunch, dinner
or a sandwich with friends or with the family?

I was chatting a little bit with Dan and I told him that I programmed
also something to use in those cases above described. It is a small
software to be used in handhelds or small computers like CASIO,
HP, etc, I mean, LCD-screen computers, with small capacity, or
powerfull agendas. The software's size is 1Kbyte - much more
smaller than the normal ones and you can run it through a PC also -
you will need a QuickBasic-based program. I didn't translate
and build the screens yet but it is useful and error-free to small
computers like CASIO (I have a PB 1000 running it).

So if you guys are interested in this program I can send it through
e-mail (you will need to type the BASIC code) or through disquette
(I have a MD100 disk-driver). The question about this last one is
that the MD100 is able to read and write only in "single sided/double
density/double track" disquette type and the current disquettes are
"high density". So if you wanna recieve the program through disquette
you will need to send the same kind of disquette and so I'll be able to
write it for you and send back.

Everyone who wants proceed this action must send the appropriated
disquette with a pre-stamped and self-addressed envelope, because
I just have ONE disquette in those conditions :-o and the person needs,
also have the MD100 to be able to read the disquette.

But lots of people are able to put the command's list in the PC through
the QuickBasic program and so can recieve the command's list through

The program is free for all insulin pump-users who want to recieve it -
and I am doing that because I would like to count you guys to improve
that and let eveyone knows about that, distributing the new versions.

Do you agree?

If yes let me know what stuff do you wanna recieve and write me. Let's
make each insulin pump-user's life easier and smoother with
each effort.


email @ redacted

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