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Re: [IP] 508 & Daylight savings!! Funny!!!!! -long

Tell me about it... after 1 week of pumping, I woke to this alarm.  Couldn't 
get through to MiniMed... when I finally did, 40 Min. later, it was a 
"answering service" and took my name & number as they would call me back.  
Meanwhile, the alarm was going off every 30-60 seconds, insulin wasn't being 
delivered... and they didn't call me back until around 5 this morning.  I 
was up for close to 4 hours manually giving myself boluses every 3 minutes, 
and "waiting" for their call.  I don't know... bad experience for only 
pumping for a week.  And they act like it's no big deal... well, they should 
have been with me then.  I was a nervous wreck!!!!!

Thanks for listening... just needed to air my frustrations out.


>>it was sounded an alarm, and everyone who has a 508
>>was doing exactly what i was doing!!!!!!!!!!  MiniMed didn't anticipate a
>>problem and only had 2 phone reps on duty and over 2000 508's on the
>>market!!!!!!  Once problem was resolved
>So what exactly was the 508 doing?? Does it auto-change the time for you??
>Or does it beep to remind you to change the time? It must be a either a
>feature or a bug (depending on how you look at it).
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