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[IP] Non Compliance? Or Ignorance?

Ok i need to vent, last night i took Matt to a house party and actually let 
him stay alone, not having me hanging on him.  The parents are trustworthy 
and both are Nurses and also familiar with diabetes so i thought i'd just be 
being mean to Matt if i didn't let him have this venture alone.  So anyhow i 
pick him up to find a neighbor of the party giver sitting at the table 
drinking beer, and saying how he's had diabetes since he was 9 and he's FINE! 
 Well naturally i jump into conversation adding i'm glad he's doing so well, 
it helps me to see adults who have lived with this disease, and still 
functioning!  So the conversation continues , he doesn't test regulary, and 
is taking 2 shots a day, doesn't watch what he eats and is fine!  Now i'm 
getting bugged!  His wife says yes, he's had eye surgery 2x, is on blood 
pressure med, and wrecked his car from low blood sugar!!!!!!!!  HE"S 
FINE???????  I don't understand this, please help me.  Is this non-compliance 
or ignorance?  I'm tending to think that it is ignorance!!!!!!!  I personally 
am trying to teach Matt that he DOESN"T have a choice, he must check 
regularly, must doctor regulary, that these complications can happen to him, 
i don't get into detail, but he's aware of them, i hope i right on this 
issue.  I just needed to vent........thanks.

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