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[IP] 508 & Daylight savings!! Funny!!!!! -long

Ok i think it's funny now, but it wasn't too funny at 2:00am last night!  
Matt's new 508 had a A37 safety check alarm!  So because of this list, i did 
not panic, and picked up the phone to call MiniMed because it was 
relentless!!!!!!  Well after 40 MINUTES, i was able to get through to 
MiniMed,and yes, i did start to panic, because Matt had to back to back lows, 
55 treated then 85(not low really,i know but after juice???), treated with 
2oz and i started to think the pump was delivering too much insulin!!!!!! And 
after first day disaster i'm really unsure about the pump reliability, so to 
make this incredibly long story a bit shorter, i finally get a MiniMed Rep, 
and because of daylight savings time, i already set back Matt's pump before 
going to bed at midnight, it was sounded an alarm, and everyone who has a 508 
was doing exactly what i was doing!!!!!!!!!!  MiniMed didn't anticipate a 
problem and only had 2 phone reps on duty and over 2000 508's on the 
market!!!!!!  Once problem was resolved and i started to think about all of 
us 508'rs doing the same thing, hearing this relentless alarm, i started 
cracking up laughing.  I'm sure without this list i would have been really 
"pi***d"!!!  Thanks list!!!!!  All is well!   Lucky for "Huey" too, because 
he almost went out the window!!!!!

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