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Re: Subject: [IP] Temporary basal rate (Disetronic)

Maybe with the H-TRON that is true, but with the H-TRONplus the 
end of temp. basal is considered an "error" and does show up in 
the events log following the bolus events with the other "error" 


On 30 Oct 99, at 18:25, John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:

> No, the D doesn't consider the end of a temporary basal rate as an alarm -
> I guess the beeps are just notification, not an alarm.  No memory for
> them.

> <<I thought I did it
> correctly, but the alarm signalling the end of the increase should have
> gone off (I think) early this morning while I was asleep, and I never
> heard it and have no record of it.  Is there a way on the Disetronic
> H-Tron plus to recall recent "temporary basal rates?">>

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