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Re: [IP] another Ebay problem

There are no tracking forms required.  My pump just arrived on my doorstep
one day.  I is also Ok to sell something you personaly own.  Sort of like a
handgun.  If I didn't have insurance, and lost my pump, I'd surely try to
buy a used one.  And I'd recommend that to anyone.  Its perfectly legal.
Of course the only potential problem is similar to that with buying a used
car---you don't know how fast it was driven or if the odometer has been set
back.  But since we all know YMMV , that's not a problem here.   *S*

<Yes, there will be problems because the pump is a controlled medical device.
<Remember the tracking forms you had to fill out when you received your pump
<so that it can be tracked to who owns it at all times? It is a government

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