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[IP] Diabetes not perceived as disability

In a message dated 10/30/99 10:49:13 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
<< That is how life goes and I try every chance 
 I get to correct something if I see it .. >>

I think this is the reason that diabetes is not perceived as a disability.  
We don't have a wheel chair, talk funny, or look any different from the rest 
of the world.  So people don't think of our diabetes as being any kind of 
disability worthy of any special consideration.  I had to push this legally 
while working for Motorola and being forced to work 60-70 hour weeks for 
months in a row.  This much desk sitting and exhaustion from the hours was 
wreaking havoc on my control.  Not to mention the donunts put on my desk (you 
need to enjoy some like the rest of us), and the catered dinners (like 
bar-b-que full of sugar and fat) without diet sodas of course.  My physician 
(and lawyer backup) forced them to put me on 40-hour weeks for 6 months.  I 
quit after that so don't know how it would have panned out.  By the way, 
fellow employees were not sympathetic (we had been friends for several years) 
when they had to continue with the long hours, and I got "special 
priviledges" to leave on time every day.  After pushing this I got my first 
bad review, ever, ever, ever.  Other people don't think you have a serious 
condition unless they can SEE it.

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