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Re: [IP] Tahitian Noni Juice

At 08:50 PM 10/30/1999  Brian Carter wrote:
>At 09:48 PM 10/30/1999 , you wrote:
> >At 07:05 PM 10/30/1999  Brian Carter wrote:
> >>I was just wondering if anyone has used or know someone that has used
> >>Tahitian Noni Juice for diabetes ?
> >
> >Boy, is that an old one... the snake-oil salesmen have been hawking that
> >in the diabetes news groups for years (and who knows where else). Another
> >cure that will take care of all our problems... sure!!
> >
> >Sam
>I am currently Talking with a President of a Distributor right now on the
>subject...  some of the things they say are scarry and ignorant..
>Hmm   may be they would offer a free case to everyone  ha ha..  one of her
>testimonials is from a diabetic that got off shots (type 1)  hmm the thing
>she left out until later is that he also had a kidney and Pancrease
>transplant.  ha ha

As an almost medical professional, you know that testimonials, by 
themselves, are useless... you have to follow the scientific method using a 
double-blind test environment. The problem is that an awful lot of people 
don't understand the scientific process and are roped into these phony 
claims. Testimonials are cheap... anyone can make them. Proving their 
claims scientifically is another thing altogether.

Yes, these people are very scary. They prey on the weak and sick holding 
out hope for a miracle. The worst part is, that in the meantime, the 
victim's real ailment is not being treated. This only makes things worse, 
not better...

Don't get me started on this... I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone 
that would sell this type of stuff. Too bad it's not illegal. Arrgghh!!


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