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Re: [IP] Tahitian Noni Juice

At 09:48 PM 10/30/1999 , you wrote:
>At 07:05 PM 10/30/1999  Brian Carter wrote:
>>I was just wondering if anyone has used or know someone that has used 
>>Tahitian Noni Juice for diabetes ?
>Boy, is that an old one... the snake-oil salesmen have been hawking that 
>in the diabetes news groups for years (and who knows where else). Another 
>cure that will take care of all our problems... sure!!

I am currently Talking with a President of a Distributor right now on the 
subject...  some of the things they say are scarry and ignorant..

Hmm   may be they would offer a free case to everyone  ha ha..  one of her 
testimonials is from a diabetic that got off shots (type 1)  hmm the thing 
she left out until later is that he also had a kidney and Pancrease 
transplant.  ha ha


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