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[IP] today's Walk

 What a long day! Had the ADA Walk for a Cure. First
one ever, some bad things about it...no food, the
finish line wasn't there till teh end...but that's a
long story. Got interviewd when I got there, pretty
neat! Had a GREAT team! So many parents and kids and
we were all so determined. Went low at the end of the
walk, that's another story, including i saw how much
parents worry. The lady i walked iwth kept stopping
b/c her daughter has probs with heat..so she was
worried a lot. i wasn't with my parents tillt eh end=i
powerwalked the last mile b/c i wanted to get back for
some food...NOT a single rest stop had food..they all
told us the next one would and NONE did...lunch was
basically gone too..we'd started like 15 minutes late,
organizers weren't prepared, had over 12 of us out
there and "forgot" about us and then add lows..anyhow,
i freaked my parents out, were holding my shoulders
the last few intersections..in dc, after I rushing to
get back to the finish line...and walked into about
the middle of an intersection, had gluc tabs and
crackers with me and refused to eat them
 Anyhow, one hech of an interesting day. Went to Six
Flags afterwards..pretty neat, but i was too tired nad
my feet were killing me, but guess what..had COTTON
CANDy..well i needed a bite after that long
thread..first time in ten years..wasn't that
great!!hehe, but it wsan't bad, ti was nice to "have
that option"....
 my first all day long diabetes "junk" day....i bet
i'll sleep like a log tonight! i'm glad we gain an
 Pumping 4months and hard to believe time has flown so

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