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[IP] {IP}Ebay and Minimed

>> That is what the initial outlay of $5000+ is for,
lifetime support.  They won't get training.  I think this situation
sucks for both parties.  Just my two cents.  It saddens me when people
have to sacrifice their health for monetary reasons.  ARE YOU LISTENING
INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>
Your confused if you thing Insurance Companies are interested in spending 
money.  They want to rake in the $$$$$ to pay those high salaries to the 
higher ups.  For years we pay for car and house insurance and one claim and 
they either raise the rates or drop you.  Now those same companies are in 
charge of our health care.  It's tragic.  They pushed us to HMO's and now 
they are dropping the unprofitable Counties in FL leaving people with very 
little choice if any.  They promised prescription drugs and now (2000) will 
be charging either a large co-pay or not paying at all.  Congress did not 
want National Health Care because it was Big Government so instead we got Big 
Business.  When your sick you can't get insurance at all.  Forgive me for 
venting.  Hope you all vote right in the next election.
Ellie                       * Just my 2-cents worth
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