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RE: [IP] you guys saved my !@#s....

>>so i get out of the shower, and set up my pump to prime and get an ERROR
07... "system alarm"  (i have a D, btw)  this is the D "something
unspecified is wrong" alarm...(snip).  .anyone know what might have caused
this???  (i'm going to give the rep a
call on monday, .(snip)...>>

You would be better off calling tech support. A rep is a salesperson who has
been schooled in use of the pump but not the electronics. Tech help is
available 24/7 by calling the number on the back of your Disetronic pump.
 That number is -- 1(800)-688-4578. You call and leave a number and they
call you back in 10 to 20 minutes.
    Perhaps the 07  system alarm is a fluke, but I just know that I've never
had one.  You've been using your pump for three or four days, you said.
That's new enough to play it safe. The system alarm indicates that  there
may be something wrong with the pump. It can't hurt to get a tech person on
the phone and check it out.


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