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Re: [IP] school parties & my personal turmoil!

In a message dated 10/30/99 1:48:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Yes, this is frustrating .. I just went to a workshop for my work last 
 and no diet soda ... it is something myself as a diabetic will have to 
 advocate for myself it stinks ..  >>

        You're story about the Disabilities Conference was quite 
enlightening!!  You know, when I read this part of your post snipped above, I 
was reminded of what happened to us 2 weeks ago when we went out to eat.  I 
took my 4 kids (3 are diabetic and so am I....) out to Taco Bell for dinner.  
I ordered and was told they had NO diet soda......Nothing at all????? I 
asked.....The manager said, "Well there is a leak in the machine so we 
disconnected the diet so we could hook up the others cause then they would 
have to disconnect ONE of the other flavors (!!!!!!!!!!)......Needless to say 
this man got an EARFUL!!  I told him that he had about 7 different flavors of 
REGULAR and only ONE of diet to begin with.  Some people NEED diet soda, such 
as US, what did he expect us to drink??  He just gave me a "gee, i dunno!" 
kind of look and said, "sorry."  Well, obviously we left Taco Bell and went 
elsewhere, but it was frustrating and disappointing.  And yes, Julie, I guess 
this IS going to take some time......Keep up the Advocacy...We all need it!!  

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