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[IP] RE: Temporary basal rate (Disetronic)

>>Last night I had Pizza Hut for dinner (had been craving it for a while),
tried to do my first temporary basal rate increase.  I thought I did it
correctly, but the alarm signalling the end of the increase should have gone
off (I think) early this morning while I was asleep, and I never heard it
have no record of it.  Is there a way on the Disetronic H-Tron plus to
recent "temporary basal rates?"  I've figured out how to recall boluses and
alarms, but can't find a way to recall basal rate changes>>

When you scrolled through the boluses and then the  alarms, you should have
seen the first alarm as being "11"  (end of temporary basal rate) and the
time it sounded. If that did not appear, this suggests you somehow missed
setting that temporary basal increase. Did you get the douple confirmation
beeps for each 10 percent of increase after you set your rate?


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